Mattify Cosmetics Review

Mattify Cosmetics are a cruelty free 95% vegan company. They have 3 products which are not vegan and one of them is their highlighter which will be featured in this post, Their products are mainly designed for those with oily skin and are mostly powder based. They offer a variety of products for the face, eyes and lips and they were generous enough to let me pick 4 products from their website. I received these products about a week ago and I have been trying them out over the past week so I would be able to give and honest opinion on all 4 products.

First off I want to mention the packaging of all products in general. They come in little clear circular containers with a screw on/off lid, I love the packaging because it is simple and I can clearly see what is in the container when I have it stored with the rest of my make up I don’t have to open it up too see what it is. They also have a little sticker on the bottom with their logo and the name/shade of the product which is simple and practical. Now onto the products.

1. Mattify Original Transparent powder.
This powder comes in 3 different options, They have Mattify original which is the one I got, this is aimed at people with combination skin and retails at $7.99 ,Mattify ULTRA which is aimed at people with very oily skin and retails at $12.99 and lastly, Mattify sensitive which is aimed at people with sensitive skin and retails at $10.99. I absolutely love this powder I use it to set my under eye concealer. It gives my under eyes a flawless finish and keeps my concealer on all day. The picture below is the powder just applied and at the end of the day, there isn’t any major difference in the 2 pictures. I would 100% recommend this powder it is amazing quality and great value.

On the left my make up was just applied. On the right is my make up 7hours later.
On the left my make up was just applied.
On the right is my make up 7hours later.

2. Mattify Long Lasting Blush in Harmony.
This blush is the perfect natural flush of pink for fair complexions, It has made its way into my all time favourite blushes. It gives my skin a natural healthy wash of colour. On the Mattify website they have 3 blushes all designed for different skin tones, Harmony is for fair complexions, Strawberry Wine is for cool skin tones and Terra Cotta is for warm skin tones. These blushes retail at $2.50 which is amazing value for the quality of this blush.

3. Mattify Highlighter.
This product is a beautiful pinky highlighter, It has tiny bits of silver glitter which give the skin a beautiful glow. I apply this product to the tops of my cheekbones, my chin and my nose. The only thing I would recommend is for them to maybe have one or two more shades of highlighter just because this one is on the pinky side and not everybody likes pink toned highlighters but other than that it is a beautiful product. This product retails at $7.99 which is a very reasonable price you can also buy a bronzer and a highlighter for $14. Below are some swatches of this product.


4. Long Lasting Eye shadow in Summer Storm.
These eye shadows come in a variety of colours from different collections, This particular colour is from the Rich Jewels Collection. This eye shadow is extremely pigmented it is a stone grey shade with little bits of silver glitter. I am going to do an eye tutorial using this eyeshadow maybe a going out look or something like that because this colour is so pretty. All of their eyeshadows retail at $4.99, they also have little bags with 4 eye shadows for $14.99. Below are some swatches of this product.


I will leave the link to the Mattify! Cosmetics website below. I just want to say a massive thank you to Mattify for sending me these amazing products I really enjoyed trying and testing them out , I hope you all liked this and as always thanks for reading :).

Mattify Cosmetics Website –

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